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Rewards Credits

Rewards Credits are based on how much you buy from the Old Town Shops shopping site. Each dollar you spend earns you one reward credit. The more you buy, the more reward credits you are entitled too. Rewards credits are not redeemable for cash. Rewards credits may accumulate for a period not to exceed more than 365 days from the first purchase date. Rewards credits may be applied as discounts off the total price on future purchases based on the percentage chart below. Maximum allowed discount percentage not to exceed 30% off a single total order or transaction. Rewards Credits may only be used per transaction and may not be used on multiple transactions or by any person that is not a subscriber of the Old Town Shops subscriber list. Subscriber must be in good standings with Old Town Shops. Rewards Credits cannot be combined with other subscribers or used by any non-subscriber or person(s) who is not a subscriber. Rewards Credits cannot be used as gifts. Any purchase that results in a return or refund forfeits all Rewards Credits from the transaction resulting in a return or refund. Rewards Credits expire 1 year (365 days) from the date acquired.

Some restrictions may apply. Certain merchandise may not be included in the Rewards Credits program. You may inquire prior to a purchase to find out if the items you are planning on purchasing are in the Rewards Credits program at

Discount Applied by Percentage
  •   50   Credits = 10% 

  • 250   Credits = 15%

  • 750   Credits = 20%

  • 1500 Credits = 30%

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